Carmen Ros was born in Madrid, Spain; producer, songwriter, singer and designer who has participated in several independent projects.


She studied Arts and Design at the university in Madrid, and worked in graphic design, for the main Spanish television channels, like TVE, where she continue today, Antena 3 and Agencia Efe. She was one of the first people using graphic palettes in Spain and a pioneer in HD design for Television at the Universal Exhibition in Seville, in 1992, having worked for filmmakers such as Narciso Ibáñez Serrador, or Pilar Miró.


Her artistic expression has been linked to music since she was very young.


Carmen and her husband, the guitarist and composer Julio Garcia, started to record their musical ideas at their own studio Escalera Grabaciones Intrepidas, and have now edited eight of Julio's CDs.


They have also recorded and produced albums

for other artists like the British singer songwriter

Mark Walden, Spanish performers Lara

Rosales and José Luis Montón (Flamenco Kids), with top flamenco artists like Carmen Linares, and Rosalía.


In 2014 Carmen and Julio recorded together their CD The Warmest Place which was their tribute to the era of musicals in film; songs were written in both English and Portuguese.


The CD Vassalo - Atlantica, recorded in 2017,  was a Portuguese - Spanish collaboration involving the talents of Ana Vassalo (vocals), Julio Garcia (guitar) and Susana Rico (cello) together with Jacques Morelenbaum who contributed arrangements and cello on three tracks. She wrote all the album's lyrics.


After being in the production and writing side of music for many years, Carmen decided to launch her first album Ficções e Verdades, and share her fictions and truths, through her own voice.


The album, has 15 songs that cover different styles: from Latin American song, Cuban rhythms, French song and Jazz, to MPB, with multiple references to the masters of Bossa Nova, and includes covers of Mais Feliz (Bebel Gilberto), and a vocal version accompanied by beatbox of Água de beber (Tom Jobim and Vinicius de Moraes).


Her latest musical production is Awakening, the comeback album by NY-based Tibetan artist Yungchen Lhamo. The album was miraculously finished in February, shortly before the pandemic, and will finally be released on digital platforms on March 5.


In the summer of 2020, she started a new project with the Venezuelan artist Yani Martinelli. At this time, due to the pandemic difficulties, the project is on standby. 


These difficulties, and the need to express herself, have made her return to origins and rediscover visual arts. She is preparing a new project trying to find a little light in these strange times.